3D animation | Content production


Our animations and visual marketing assets are tailored to your individual needs and expectations. The content we create will effectively support your marketing goals and help your business to stand out and grow.

Live performance | Stage design


We create spectacular visual settings for music festivals and shows, and the experience gathered on such events allows us to achieve more every time. We provide professional visual solutions for conferences, congresses and galas. We can prepare also smaller parts of such events, like openings and presentations.

3D video mapping | Instalations


We create visual spectacles that bring architectural structures to life in an infinite number of ways. Being part of urban art, these projects give us a lot of personal satisfaction.
We produce the entire project, starting from the idea, through the script, animation and music to the technical setup (selecting projectors and media server, supporting the client throughout the whole project).


We stay at the forefront of technology, utilizing the latest advancements in 3D animation and mapping techniques.


Transform your ideas into captivating experiences with Puskha Studio.

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